Caddie Information

The Royal Dublin Golf Club can arrange the services of caddies for any visiting golfers. Caddies are independent contractors who are not employees of Royal Dublin therefore we cannot guarantee their availability. If you require a caddie please ensure that you request one at least 48 hours in advance of your tee time so the necessary arrangements can be made. 

At Royal Dublin we have a single bag policy as we feel this offers the best possible experience to the visiting golfers. If there is a large demand for caddies which makes it not possible to issue single bag caddies we resort to a double bag policy. Our Caddie Programme is overseen by our Head Professional, John Dwyer, who ensures that the caddies have received the relevant training and are presentable before going out onto the links.

Role of the Caddie:

  • Offering advice to players in relation to lines off tees and on the putting green. 
  • They are to be polite and respectful at all times.
  • The caddie will rake bunkers, repair divots and pitchmarks on the green.  
  • They will offer advice on distances to the green or other strategic points on the golf course.
  • The caddies should add to your experience not only from a golfing perspective but also offering insights into the Club history and others matters of interest.


Caddie Fees

Single: €55

Double: €100

Forecaddie: €50 to €100 depending on number of players.