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Course Status

Links is open for play today, Buggies are permitted and the range is open. Updated: 18th Apr 2024

Mission Statement & Ethos

Mission Statement

Founded in 1885, The Royal Dublin Golf Club is a members’ club that welcomes visiting golfers. Rich with tradition, the Club is located on an island nature reserve in Dublin Bay.

The Captain and Committee of the day are responsible for the governance of the Club.

The structure of the Club is that the Committee approves, management implements, staff serve and members and guests enjoy the Club and its facilities.

The Club:

  • Preserves, protects and maintains the highest standards of links golf for the benefit of its members and guests.
  • Ensures an ongoing commitment to the flora, fauna and bird life with which it shares the island.
  • Generates revenue, mindful of membership requirements.
  • Provides consistent, simple, freshly prepared food in a friendly, efficient manner every day.

Ethos of The Royal Dublin Golf Club

Our ethos is essentially the spirit of our Club as demonstrated by our members’ attitudes, our aspirations and our standards of behaviour.

As members we should see ourselves as trustees of our Club. In doing so, we respect and care for our links and facilities and accept our role as guardians, protectors and developers of our Club not only for the current membership but for those generations of members to come. The ethos of the Club can be summed up as each member being expected to show the maximum respect for the Club, for fellow members, for fellow golfers and for our management and staff.

Our Club ethos is demonstrated in the following practical ways.

On Our Links

We observe our dress code; we show courtesy to each other by maintaining a speed of play which demonstrates concern for other players. We fill in all divots; rake bunkers correctly; repair any pitch marks left on our greens (whether made by our playing group or not); ensure that the flag is unfurled for the benefit of other players as we leave a green; place litter (ours or not) in the bins provided; and respect green-keeping staff and links equipment.

In Our Clubhouse

We observe our dress code and rules regarding mobile phones; acknowledge each other as fellow members (even if not personally known to each other); show courtesy to each other and our visitors; and, equally as important, behave at all times with courtesy towards our staff.

As Officers and Members of Committee

We represent, speak for and work for our members. These are the voluntary tasks we are privileged to be elected to perform. In safeguarding and supporting our members’ interests, we show complete respect for our Club rules. We welcome diversity of membership interests and opinion in Committee discussion and always seek to ensure that all decisions made are in the best long-term interests of our members. On completion of our terms of office, we step aside and encourage others to participate in the voluntary running of our Club.

Away from Our Club

We behave with appropriate respect for our Club and the game of golf.

In GUI Competition

We play to our strengths and with complete fairness, courtesy and respect for the very best of the traditions of the game of golf.

The Royal Dublin Golf Club

North Bull Island Nature Reserve , Dollymount, Dublin 3 , Ireland

Phone: +353 1 833 6346 | Fax: +353 1 833 6504


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